Dr. Gallus is the BEST!

Dr. Gallus is the BEST! Smart, knowledgeable, patient, personable, honest and I could go on and on. After numerous consultations (all males) I decided I wanted to meet with a female doctor before making my decision and I knew in the first 10 minutes that I was going to go with Dr. Gallus. She is the only one who looked at me and made her recommendation based on my face/neck and what I wanted. All the others gave me the exact same text book version of a neck lift. Exact same thing you can read on the internet. The recovery/healing process after surgery can be a little scary and overwhelming, I know I mentioned patient but Dr. Gallus went above and beyond here, she responds to texts and is happy to see you as many times as you want to help reassure you at every step of your recovery. Restore SD Plastic Surgery and all the staff are great!

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