Meet Dr. Katerina Gallus MD

Meet Dr. Katerina Gallus MD

Introducing Dr. Katerina Gallus of Restore SD Plastic Surgery, a premier practice in UTC San Diego. Dr. Gallus is a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in cosmetic facial, breast, and body contouring surgery. Dr. Gallus also offers non-surgical treatments such as Botox, Laser and injectable fillers.

Dr. Katerina Gallus:

I’ve always loved science and I realized early on in college that I also enjoyed working with people, so medicine seemed like the perfect mash of people and science and getting to do both. Then I realized that my interest in plastic surgery stemmed from knowing that I wanted to do surgery. I really enjoy the hands-on approach of being able to physically create something with my hands.

My approach to surgery is to take the surgery in the context of the patient. There is no one size fits all operation for everybody. I really enjoy doing breast surgery. I have a long history of doing breast reconstruction and I find that is a very valuable and rewarding practice, to help people restore their breasts after a cancer operation. We joke that I am there to help make cancer suck less by having the opportunity to reconstruct a breast and make somebody feel whole again.

I like doing mommy makeover surgery because it’s the same theme of kind of recapturing what you already had once you’ve had several children or a hard pregnancy or two. It’s important to be able to feel like your old self again.

I enjoy being a plastic surgeon because I like talking to patients and finding out what their needs are, and really connecting with people and how I can make their inner and outer appearance better. I really enjoy seeing patients and changing people’s lives for the better.

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