Advantages of a Neck Lift

Advantages of a Neck Lift

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Many adults experience sagging of the skin along the jawline and on the upper neck caused by poorly supported skin, genetics, and a loss of moisture retention in the skin layers. A neck lift can correct this problem.

This is a surgical procedure that requires a recovery period, but the results can be quite dramatic and last for years. Quite often, a neck lift is performed because the skin surface appearance below the jawline doesn’t match the facial skin texture very well.

Candidates for a Neck Lift

Healthy adults who have no medical problems that could interfere with the healing process are good candidates for a neck lift procedure. The loose skin near the Adam’s apple, known as a turkey wattle, can be improved by repositioning a bit of skin tissue and removing excess fat deposits. Those interested in having a neck lift procedure performed will be interested to know that this treatment can be combined with a brow lift or forehead lift, a facelift, and other procedures.

Performing a Neck Lift

We give the client information on how to prepare for the surgery. This may involve special daily cleansing of the neck skin and making a few changes. The surgery itself is rather straightforward. In some cases, we will use a special tool to remove excess fat and perhaps to reposition some muscle tissue.


Recovery is quite rapid. The client will have to keep the area bandaged for a while and use special cleansers for a week. Antibiotics will likely be prescribed. We will schedule one or two follow-up visits so that we can monitor the healing process.

Advantages and Benefits

This procedure is surgical, but the reward is long-lasting results. The skin reattaches itself very quickly, and the smoother surface is immediately noticeable. Most of our clients need not undergo a second surgical procedure for many years, if at all.

Enjoy the Benefits

You may be a likely candidate for this cosmetic procedure. To find out more and to schedule a consultation, contact us today at Restore SD Plastic Surgery in San Diego. We’re here to answer your questions and help you!

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