Breast Augmentation Pricing Explained

Breast Augmentation Pricing Explained

Price check!

When it comes to breast augmentation, pricing can be confusing and all over the map. Have you ever wondered why most plastic surgery offices don’t give you an exact quote over the phone or have pricing on their website? Although a price range may be possible, without seeing you in person it is impossible to know the exact breast surgery that will meet your needs. Only after a discussion of your goals and a focused exam can the surgery be planned, and an accurate quote generated.

So, once you have a consultation, what does that pricing include? – read on to find out…

There are four things that play into every breast augmentation price quote. These fees may be paid all at once or individually.

  1. Facility Fee – this covers the use of the operating room, the OR staff, and basic supplies and is time-based.
  2. Anesthesia Fee – this is also based on the length of surgery and if an anesthesiologist (doctor) or CRNA (nurse anesthetist) is providing the anesthesia service.
  3. Surgeon Fee – the amount the surgeon charges for professional fees. This varies depending on the experience and expertise of the surgeon, the complexity of the surgery, and the pricing in the surrounding community.
  4. Implant Cost – the cost of the implant varies by hundreds of dollars.

Breaking it Down

How many kinds of implants are there? At the latest count, there are over 1000 different implant styles and sizes.  This can quickly become overwhelming for patients, so it is important to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon experienced in breast augmentation.

There are two major kinds of breast implants – saline and silicone gel. They are both made of a soft, pliable silicone polymer shell – the filling is different.

Saline implants are filled with saltwater solution during the surgery. Silicone gel implants are prefilled with gel at the time of manufacturing and therefore cost more to make.

Even among the silicone implants, there are different price ranges based on size (extremely large implants are more expensive), shape (teardrop implants are more expensive), texture (many textured implants are more expensive), and feel (different gel fills are designed to be firm and have different pricing). Each manufacturer of implants also establishes its own pricing structure.

Patients come in all different shapes and sizes and have different needs. Choosing the right implant for the right patient and doing the right operation makes it a win-win for everyone. Having a detailed discussion with your surgeon is the first step – and be honest about what you want.  At Restore SD Plastic Surgery we see breasts of all shapes and sizes so just speak plainly and openly about your goals. Thus whether you need a large breast size or other shapes contact us.

Breast Augmentation San Diego

With us so far? What else goes into pricing?

This is where practices can have very different price points and why it is important to ask, “What is included in the quote for breast augmentation?”

For example, is the postoperative bra or scar cream included or added expense? What about cosmetic surgery insurance? Is the Keller funnel used during surgery for a no-touch technique?

Our Breast Augmentation package looks like this:

Facility Fee: based on OR time at an accredited facility.

Anesthesia Fee: based on OR time by board-certified anesthesia providers.

Surgeon Fee: which includes the following

  1. Breast Implants – the optimum size, style, and shape for your body.
  2. Keller Funnel – a device used during surgery that delivers the implant into the breast pocket without touching the implant. It helps ensure sterility and is thought to decrease capsular contracture rates.
  3. Exparel – a long-acting local anesthetic injected during surgery that keeps you comfortable after surgery and decreases the amount of opioid pain medication you need during recovery.
  4. Post Op Bra by Isavela.
  5. CosmetAssure – cosmetic surgery insurance.
  6. BioCorneum Scar Cream – advanced scar treatment.

Price is what you pay.  Value is what you get.  (Warren Buffet)

We hope this explains the variation in pricing – the quote given over the phone may not reflect the best surgery for you or may not include several of the key elements of breast augmentation surgery and recovery. The bargain price you see advertised may not be the bargain it seems by the time you add in all the necessary items to assure an ideal result and safe recovery as provided by a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Dr. Gallus has years of experience and many satisfied patients who look and feel fabulous. At Restore SD Plastic Surgery, we have created a package for breast augmentation that optimizes available medical technology and takes care of the whole patient. Contact us today to schedule your breast augmentation consultation!

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