Thigh Liposuction: Know More About Its Intended Purpose

Thigh Liposuction: Know More About Its Intended Purpose

Thigh Liposuction

You may be happy to discover that excess thigh fat can be removed with liposuction. This can provide your legs and hips with a better-proportioned contour. One of the main common concerns is the stubborn fat that can cause the thighs to rub against one another. Chafing can easily result from this fat, making it uncomfortable to exercise. For numerous individuals, the solution to these issues is thigh liposuction. Fortunately, the response of the thighs to the procedure is better than some of the other areas of the body. This is because there are two layers of fat in the thighs, as opposed to the three layers in the trunk and the back. The majority of plastic surgeons consider the thighs an excellent place for lipo.

In general, females are more interested in thigh liposuction than men. This is because the hormones in the female body cause deposits of fat around the thighs, buttocks, and pelvis. The excess fat in men is stored in their abdominal area, not their thighs. It is important to understand that liposuction is not intended to be used as a procedure for weight loss. The best results are seen by individuals who are at or fairly close to their correct body weight. The individuals most qualified for this procedure are in good overall health. This procedure should be avoided by individuals with a weakened immune system, diabetes, or poor blood circulation. Lipo targeted on the thighs is more effective for individuals with enough elasticity in their thighs to contour well after the procedure. This will help eliminate a crepey or loose appearance.

There are different lipo procedures available depending on if you want to focus on the outer, inner, frontal thighs, or a combination of these areas. Leg liposuction is accomplished using a very similar method as for any other part of the body. One of the biggest differences is the goals of an individual. Patients concerned with the appearance of their thighs are generally looking for the reduction of a much smaller target area. In many cases, this procedure is combined with some type of non-surgical treatment for optimal results. These types of treatments can offer benefits including cellulite reduction and skin tightening that are not achievable with just lipo alone. We can discuss these possibilities during your consultation.

The Basics of Thigh Liposuction

Prior to a liposuction treatment plan being established, you must consult with a surgeon for an assessment of the circumferentially of your thighs and legs. This is a type of cylindrical structure that must be considered as a whole. When a female has liposuction, it typically must wrap around her leg. This will help to maintain the shape, decrease the circumference and not flatten the leg or make it appear masculine in any way. Despite the fact that liposuction on the leg is considered a difficult area, it is one of the most commonly requested procedures. A small cannula is used to ensure the treatment is circumferential and remains on an intermediate plane. This helps to eliminate any irregularities in the contour.

Thigh Liposuction

Once the leg has been examined by a surgeon as a whole, the determination as to which areas will receive the most benefits from liposuction can be established. This procedure can be performed on the outer portion of the thighs, the inner area, or a combination of both. Liposuction can also be performed on other areas of the body during the thigh procedure. The use of liposuction on the thigh’s frontal areas is usually avoided because it can cause irregularities in the contours of the thighs. To help ensure the patient remains as comfortable as possible, we’ll make sure the right type of anesthesia is used for the procedure.

The majority of women interested in having liposuction done on their legs do not want their thighs to touch each other. For this type of situation, the inner thigh’s entire length must receive treatment. This will make certain the area has a consistent, natural, and well-proportioned shape after the procedure. When the excess fat is located on the outer thighs, it is referred to as saddlebags. This can cause the thighs to appear disproportionate or short when considered as a whole. When lipo is performed on the outer thighs, this effect is eliminated by the surgeon. The end result is the restoration of well-contoured and proportionate thighs.

In most cases, the front of the thighs is not treated at all. The majority of liposuction is performed on the outer or inner thighs. Lipo of the anterior thighs can sometimes result in irregularities of the skin and unhappy patients. This is not the case for the inner and outer thighs. When liposuction is performed on the front of the thigh, it is because it is imperative for the balance between the leg and thigh. In this case, the surgeon may suction the deeper plane to help make certain the contour is regular and the results are pleasing. Which areas of the leg and thigh receive liposuction is dependent on the observations made by the surgeon and the desires and needs of the individual. The most common areas of the leg receiving treatment are the medial thighs, the lateral thighs, the inner knees, the ankles, and the calves.

We previously mentioned liposuction in other parts of the body is often combined with thigh lipo. In many cases, the flanks and hips are targeted along with the thighs to improve the shape and contour of the buttocks, waist, and surrounding regions. The fat that has been removed can also be injected after harvesting. This is generally in the buttocks to improve both the projection and the shape. When liposuction is used for more than one area, it is important to place a limit on the amount of fluid and fat removed at the same time. This is especially true if the procedure is performed in an outpatient setting.

The time necessary for recovery from the procedure is dependent on the individual patient. Approximately four weeks after the procedure, most patients can begin some type of cardio exercise routine. This may require a compression garment to avoid any issues. Some of the results will be apparent immediately. The most optimal results will require multiple months to become noticeable. When it comes to exercise and diet, they are just as important for liposuction results as with any other procedure involving body contouring. The optimal result cannot be achieved and maintained without consistent exercise and a healthy diet. To help ensure the best possible results, it is imperative that the surgeon is experienced with the procedure.

The Intended Purpose of Thigh Liposuction

The main goal of leg liposuction is the treatment of small deposits of fat. Liposuction is not effective for the treatment of obesity or large amounts of fat or cellulite. The procedure should be seen as an effective way to eliminate areas of fat in a localized region to improve the contours of the body. One of the most common areas of fullness is referred to as the banana roll. This is the area under the buttock on the upper posterior of the thigh. Any procedure done in this area needs to be conservative because it aids in supporting the buttocks. Too much fat removal in this area can cause the buttocks to sag. It is also important to understand there is the potential for a touch-up procedure as time passes. This is partially dependent on the exercise routine and diet of the individual.

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When considering any type of procedure, it is important to consider the experience and training of the surgeon. It is always a good idea to request before and after photographs of previous patients. This will ensure the potential patient is pleased with the style and technique of the surgeon. Testimonials are also an excellent way to make certain the surgeon is experienced with liposuction.

If you are considering thigh liposuction, your first step is to set up a consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon. Look no further than Dr. Douglas and Dr. Gallus at Restore SD Plastic Surgery in San Diego, CA! During a consultation, our team would be more than happy to help you determine if thigh lipo can work for you. Contact our office today to book an appointment and get started. We look forward to working with you!

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