Am I A Good Candidate For Brazilian Buttock Lift In San Diego?

Am I A Good Candidate For Brazilian Buttock Lift In San Diego?

You want a beautiful backside. You want to feel good about your figure no matter what you are wearing. You’re not happy with the shape of your buttocks? You don’t have the fullness that you would like to see.? The results aren’t good enough and they won’t last?  A Brazilian buttock lift in San Diego could be the solution you need to get the shape you want.

How Does a Brazilian Buttock Lift Work?

A Brazilian buttock lift is a surgical procedure that enhances the shape of your buttocks by transferring fat from another area of your body to your bottom. Our plastic surgeon can identify an area on your body where you have unwanted fat. It may be your abdomen, your thighs, or your upper arms. The fat is harvested through a liposuction procedure. All you will need is a minor incision with local anesthesia while the fat is suctioned out of your body. It can then be purified and prepared as an injection. The final step is to inject the fat into your buttocks. With a Brazilian buttock lift, you can always have additional fat transferred to the area if you want to pump up the volume more.

Is a Brazilian Buttock Lift Right for You?

In order to have a Brazilian buttock lift, you need to have an adequate supply of excess fat that can be transferred to your buttocks. If you are extremely athletic or slender, you may not have fat to spare. You will need to discuss other options with your plastic surgeon to help you to get the outcome you want. You should be in good health before having any kind of surgical procedure. If you have any type of underlying condition, be sure to discuss it with your surgeon.

Learn More About a Brazilian Butt Lift in San Diego

If you are thinking about a Brazilian buttock lift, turn to the best source for information. Reach out to us here at Restore SD Plastic Surgery to discuss your goals for your figure. We can help to determine if you are a good candidate for a Brazilian buttock lift. Make your appointment at Restore SD Plastic Surgery in San Diego today to have your initial consultation so you can take the first step toward a fuller, rounder bottom.

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