Look More Youthful with a Facelift in San Diego

Look More Youthful with a Facelift in San Diego


When you live in San Diego, there is no shortage of recreational activities to take part in. However, living in any big city can have its drawbacks. Exposure to pollutants, UV sunlight, and wind can really take its toll on your skin. Fortunately, cosmetic surgery procedures like a facelift San Diego can help you turn back the clock and enjoy a more youthful, radiant appearance that can make you feel more vibrant.

What Does a Facelift Involve?

Facelifts offer the most dramatic results when it comes to making your face appear more youthful and rested. They also offer results that are long-lasting, with many people reporting results lasting over a decade. It is important, however, to understand that the facelift San Diego is a surgical procedure that will require some downtime for healing.

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Who Makes a Good Candidate?

You may make a good candidate for a facelift San Diego procedure if the skin on your face is currently sagging. Patients who have a strong jaw or bone structure also make good candidates for the procedure. The facelift is an appropriate treatment for problems like midface sagging, creases under the eyelids, fat that is displaced or fallen, or excess fatty deposits and loose skin under the jaw and chin that can make you appear to look older than your actual age.

The Consultation

At your initial consultation in San Diego, we will make the final determination if you would make a good candidate for a facelift procedure. We can examine your medical history and evaluate your bone structure, skin elasticity, and wrinkles. This is also an appropriate time to discuss your expectations and ask whatever questions you may have.

The Procedure

Each facelift procedure is somewhat different, depending upon the unique skin condition, genetics, and medical history of the patient involved. However, there are certain components that are typically shared. For example, during a typical procedure, excess skin is removed and the tissue underneath is rearranged. Check our gallery for previous facelift clients here.

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