, Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty procedures at Restore SD Plastic Surgery

Labiaplasty is a commonly sought treatment by women to correct excess or uneven tissue of the labia.

This can include the inner (labia minor) or outer (labia majora) area and can also include treatment of the area just over the pubic bone (mons pubis). The labia and other perineal structures support reproductive, sexual and excretory functions and come in many shapes and sizes. Because enlarged labia or asymmetry are variations of normal anatomy, procedures to correct them are considered cosmetic. The reasons women consider treatment can include discomfort with activity or wearing certain clothing, or unhappiness due to appearance.

Labia come in many different sizes and shapes and can change over time with the natural aging process, weight fluctuations, and childbirth. Other women are born with asymmetry or enlarged labia as a variation of normal. Some women, to include athletic women or competitive dancers and swimmers, request an improved contour to minimize friction and simplify hygiene. Today’s trend towards hair removal and revealing intimate clothing expose more anatomy – labial reduction can help balance the appearance in form fitting clothing. For those who are feeling discomfort or unease this procedure can increase confidence in genital appearance and improve their sexual experiences. It is important to discuss with your surgeon your concerns to arrive at a tailored surgical plan based on your individual anatomy.


Best Candidates

  • Healthy nonsmoker
  • Discomfort due to labial anatomy
  • Asymmetry or concern with labial excess

The Surgery

Labiaplasty can be performed under local anesthesia in our office or
under general anesthesia, especially when combined with other
rejuvenation procedures.  After application of topical numbing cream,
the area of concern or excess is marked, and local anesthesia is
infiltrated.  Depending on your individual anatomy the surgeon may use a
trim or wedge technique.  The surgeon will then carefully remove the
excess labia skin and surgically repair in a way that minimizes visible
scars or pigmentation changes.  The repair is performed with dissolvable
sutures after which ointment is applied. The procedure takes one to two
hours and you can go home immediately afterwards.  If mild oral
sedation is requested, we require a designated driver.

The Recovery

Most women can return to work and regular daily activities in a few days to within a week. During that time, you will need to wear loose fitting clothes and refrain from exercise. You can resume sexual activity after 6 weeks once cleared by your surgeon.

The Commonly Combined Procedures

Labiaplasty can easily be combined with laser vaginal rejuvenation, liposuction or other mommy makeover procedures. Our RejuVanate CO2 Laser platform offers a pain free, non-hormonal office treatment for vaginal dryness, mild stress urinary incontinence, vaginal laxity and peri-menopausal changes.

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, Labiaplasty

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