, Vectra 3D Imaging

Vectra 3D Imaging procedures at Restore SD Plastic Surgery

Three-dimensional imaging is one of the most innovative new technologies that has emerged in the last few years

The imaging system captures 3D images that can be manipulated with the Canfield software suite to demonstrate potential outcomes on your own photos. Don’t imagine what the outcome can be, visualize it with state of the art Vectra 3D imaging as part of your consultation. If you want to see what different size breast implants will look like on your body or what a syringe or 2 of injectable filler looks like in your cheeks or lips – no problem. Using the Vectra 3D imaging system at Restore SD Plastic Surgery we can show you what a Brazilian Butt Lift looks like or how a bit of liposuction will change your contour – allowing you to make the best decisions in partnership with your Restore SD surgeon.

The Best Candidates

  • A breast augmentation patient who wants to individualize treatment by visualizing potential results and viewing what different size implants look like.
  • A liposuction patient who wants to visualize your new slimmer shape.
  • A patient interested in facial rejuvenation who wants to see what precise anatomic sculpting can accomplish to restore and revive your look.
  • A Brazilian Butt Lift patient who wants to partner with your surgeon to determine the best size and proportion for your new body.profile will affect the size of your breasts and where the fullness occurs. Increasing the size of your breasts can restore the soft, feminine appearance you may be looking for.

The Options

When it comes to preoperative visualization of potential results, there is no better tool for strengthening the partnership between surgeon and patient than the Vectra 3D imaging system. You don’t need to look through old photo books of other people’s results. You don’t need to guess how that next size bigger or smaller implant will change your result – you can see it. We can use your own photo and the powerful Canfield software suite to show you what YOU can look like after a procedure with a Restore SD surgeon.

The Process

As part of your consultation, you will be guided to the photography suite to have both Vectra 3D images and traditional photos taken. The photos are immediately available so that you are able to review your photos in the consultation room with your Restore SD plastic surgeon. This allows for enhanced communication and a shared understanding of what the surgery can accomplish. At Restore SD we strongly believe that this technology helps you decide on the ideal treatment plan and increases patient satisfaction.

Why We Take Photos

At Restore SD Plastic Surgery, we are committed to achieving the most outstanding, consistent, and reproducible results possible. To that end, we have dedicated a section of our office to creating a state of the art photo studio that houses both the Vectra 3D imaging system as well as a traditional digital camera set up. Capturing accurate “before” pictures allows your Restore SD surgeon to better plan and carry out your surgery in the safest and most efficient manner. Pointing out subtle pre-existing breast asymmetries or seeing differences in facial features can help ensure that you have a full understanding of what your individual procedure can and cannot accomplish. Following surgery and through various stages of healing, “after” photos are taken to review with you and help your Restore SD surgeon continue to grow and deliver outstanding care as time goes by.


When you visit Restore SD Plastic Surgery you will have the opportunity to sign a consent form detailing the permissions for use of your photographs. We rely on our patients to help educate other patients as well as ourselves. Please ask during your consultation if you would like more information about our photography policies.

Your photos are added to your Patient NOW electronic medical record and become part of your permanent HIPAA compliant record at Restore SD Plastic Surgery. Your surgeon will review your photos with you prior to your procedure and following surgery but they are otherwise not used without your permission.
, Vectra 3D Imaging

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